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Over the last few weeks there have been talks and excitement surrounding a particular collaboration in the works. Chonker Finance is ecstatic to formally announce our partnership with Cousin Crypto! As this partnership also covers an upcoming Cousin Crypto NFT series, to commemorate the occasion and to celebrate, we’ll be launching an auction with Cousin at, next week on Thursday, April 1st. 2AM [GMT +9] where the first ISSUE #1 EXCLUSIVE Cousin Crypto Saiyan NFT, only 1 in existence — will be sold.

Countdown timer to the auction:

Preview of [#ISSUE 1] FOR THE FIRST AUCTION NFT DESIGN — 1/1 — “I am the hope of the cryptoverse. I am the answer to all apes that cry out for profit. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to gains! Nightmare to you!”

The art-style is reminiscent to the DBZ manga art, drawn with ink-pen and marker. This special piece will not only be Chonker’s Finance FIRST auction piece but will be animated. The artist that worked on this particular piece has been drawing DBZ artworks since his early childhood and we’re proud to be working with him.

In addition to this, Chonker Finance will also be creating an exclusive Cousin Crypto series that will be added to the fishing platform for the community to catch in the coming weeks! More details on this soon. The funding for the auction will be split three ways. 50% of proceeds will go to Cousin Crypto, and 40% will go to our marketing fund. The remaining revenue will help fund the Animation Dormitory in order to aid the criminally underpaid animators in Japan. We’re proud to be the first project in the space to promote such a worthy cause and hope this will lead others to do the same.

Fans of the Dragonball franchise will immediately recognize the parallel between Cousin’s NFT and the final chapters of the Namek Saga, wherein Goku finally ascended to the level of Super Saiyan against the tyrannical Lord Freeza (yes, dub fans, that is the correct spelling of フリーザ). A sign of things to come? Only time will tell! We are only just getting started, so stay tuned for more exciting details to come soon!

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