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Once thought as just a rumor, today we are proud to be announcing our very first artist partnership with Gorillaz-artist Jorden Oliwa.

Announcing today — our first artist collaboration with the amazing Jorden Oliwa — a beast of the animation world known for his work on Gorillaz, Lego, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and much more.

An amazing montage of some of Jorden’s work, including Gorillaz, Metallica’s Murder One, and much more.

$CHONK Artist #0 — Jorden Oliwa

As we near the launch of NFT Fishing, we’ve decided to give the wonderful Chonk community an unexpected surprise — the announcement of our first exclusive artwork with a jaw-dropping artist.

Jorden Oliwa is a distinguished animator living in Bangkok, Thailand. The Canadian-expat works on the cutting-edge of the 2d animation world and is just now starting to dip his feet into the vast ocean of NFTs.

Starting as early as the end of the weekend, $CHONK holders and $CHONK LPs will be able to fish for these very rare NFTs. (Excluding the Chonky Vitalik OG which is only avaliable in a lottery for 400 Chonk Club members pictured below)

The Legendary rarity Chonky Vitalik OG. Exclusively available to 400 Chonk Club members via a lottery selection. Only 10 cards were ever made.

Before partnering up with Chonk, Jorden’s portfolio boasted:


  • LEGO: Angry Birds
  • Wakkaville


  • Metallica: Murder One (Official Music Video)

Animation department:

  • Gorillaz
  • Lego City
  • Wonder Woman
  • Speed Racer
  • MotorCity
  • Ren & Stimpy
  • Powerball
  • Super F***ers
  • Mission Hill
  • Little Witch
  • Ned’s Newt

Art department:

  • Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Milo’s Bug Quest
  • Being Ian
  • The Angry Beavers

Miscellaneous Crew:

  • Lego Friends
  • What about Mimi

Professional Resume (new to old):

2d Music Video Director — Thaitanium, 2d Director, Animator, and Compositor — Massive Swerve Productions (Metallica: Murder One), Owner — No Dice INK (a ton of projects including Akira the Don, “We are not alone”), Animation Director — Mesh FX, 2d Animation Director — The Monk Studio, Animation Director — Y&R NZ (Apocalypse Steve Hansen), 2D Animator — Nucco Brain Studio (Koko Kanu Rum — Compari Ad), 2d Animator — Passion Pictures (Gorillaz — Saturnz Barz), Animator — Pulp Studios, Professor — Mahidol University, 2d Director — Picture This Animation (Lego City), Animator — The Post Lounge, Senior Animator — Yeti Farm, Flash Animation Instructor — Centre for Arts and Technology, Producer/Animator — Warner Bros. Television (Wonder Woman), Animator — Gaumont (Powerball), Traditional Flash Animation — Bardel Entertainment (SuperF***ers), Freelance Animator — Titmouse, Animator — Lizard Brain Animation, Storyboard Artist — Nickelodeon (Speed Racer), Animation Director — elementFX (Iron Chef), Animator — Calder Bateman Communications, Animator — Animation Brewery Productions, Traditional Animator — Bardel entertainment, Freelance Animator — Rocketfuel Productions, Storyboard Artist DHX Media (Yvonne of the Yukon, Being Ian, Angry Beavers, Mission Hill, What about Mimi, D’Myna leagues, and Something Else), Art Director — Blister Entertainment, 2D Animator — Carbunkle (Ren & Stimpy), Storyboard Artist — Hahn Film, Concept Artist — Radical Entertainment (The Simpsons: Road Rage), Overseas Supervisor — Hong Ying Animation, Storyboard Artist — Atomic Cartoons Inc.

Jorden’s work includes Gorillaz — Saturnz Barz (Spirit House). Boasting +100 million views on YouTube.

Did you get all of that?😉

Run Up Them CHONKS

Just 20 days after it’s creation, the $CHONK community continues to flourish:

  • 645 $CHONK hodlers
  • +1700 members in the Chonkiest Telegram group ever.
  • Token details: Reached +$1.3M market cap w/$570k daily volume & +$100k total liquidity

A few days ago we were spotted by the self-proclaimed ‘King of Uniswap’ cFrog as a Chonktastic project:

We are on the road to attracting and collaborating with more established artists through innovative marketing strategies that will incentivize artists we work with leading to chonkier partnerships and NFTs.

Although there will be more amazing NFTs coming, once launched, the Main Course Collection featuring Jorden’s work will around for a long time.

The Epic rarity Andre Chonker crafted by Jorden Oliwa.

Chonking All Artists!

If you or someone you know is an established artist interested in designing NFTs and want to collaborate or partner on an exclusive collection, please do not hesitate to contact us:

The Chonky Details:




Etherscan: 0x84679bc467DC6c2c40ab04538813AfF3796351f1


Uniswap: 0x84679bc467DC6c2c40ab04538813AfF3796351f1


Total Supply: 39,000 (largest wallet < 2.1%)




Chonker Finance is a NFT protocol aiming to disrupt the anime & manga industry. We help artist monetize their artworks via collectible NFTs on the blockchain.