Introducing GachaCHONK! Gamified Scarce Capsule NFTs on the Blockchain.

6 min readApr 8, 2021


Platform Live Now on: https:/

It’s finally here. Say hello to GachaCHONK! — our unique, Japanese-inspired platform game that dispenses scarce randomized capsule NFTs. This update has been a long time coming, we last wrote an article in December mentioning about the game briefly, since then, plenty of changes have been made, we’re glad to finally announce the official launch of the GachaCHONK platform!

Official Video Promo for GachaCHONK! Launch
GachaCHONK! Platform — Featuring our first YOKAI-themed machine.

The launch of the new platform will also come with an entirely new revamped ecosystem in the coming weeks through the introduction of three platform & subdomains: (introduces three more new tier systems) (revamped fishing model), and (for gachachonk machines). These distinctions underneath the broader umbrella of the website URL will make the platform much simpler to use. In addition to these changes, the current card design layout has been revamped, the new layout can be seen in our first GachaCHONK! Yokai-themed machine and it will remain as the de-facto format throughout the continued future.



To celebrate the launch of the platform and to incentivize liquidity, for the first two weeks, the reward rate will be at a 2X BONUS RATE. Provide LP by adding TAIYAKI/ETH pair on Uniswap and staking them on the platform. Since GachaCHONK Machines & NFT’s will be utilizing Polygon/Matic L2 Network, there’ll be another liquidity incentive to follow on their DEX, Quickswap. More information on this soon!


In order to use the gacha machine, one can either redeem the Taiyaki accrued through their TIER rewards (those who hold the CHONK CHAN NFT will automatically be credited with +0.5 extra Taiyaki per month), or fish can be redeemed for Taiyaki via the fishing platform; the rate at which LP fish can be redeemed for Taiyaki is 100:1 and the rate at which standard staking fish can be redeemed for Taiyaki is 1000:1.

The GachaCHONK! machine is the first of many uses for Taiyaki, since Taiyaki will function as the lifeblood of the ecosystem. As well as acquiring Taiyaki through direct purchases on Uniswap, it can be farmed with the upcoming TAIYAKI/ETH LP pair on the GachaCHONK! Platform.

The rates for each spin will be determined near the GachaCHONK! Machine launch date which is scheduled to be on next Thursday, 14th April. 11PM UTC+9


What YOKAI would you get..?

Our first GachaCHONK! Machine will be Yokai-themed. This includes popular urban legend characters like the Kuchisake-onna, a malevolent figure in Japanese urban legends and folklore or more mischievous ones like the Kappa which are aquatic reptilian humanoids who inhabit the rivers and streams found all over Japan. In total, we have 25 card designs made from various artists around the world, with varying styles! It includes designs made by our insanely talented lead artist (someone who has a number of manga publications)

1 STAR CARD — Kappa Chan — She’s way cuter than I thought!

GachaCHONK! machines are also highly adaptive to external factors whether if it’s to ensure increased deflationary supply pressure for $TYAKI, provide additional Taiyaki LP or burn $CHONK through buybacks. Well, how does it work?

The options below can easily be chosen based on those mentioned factors.

  1. Liquidity and Supply Normal? -> 80% of all TAIYAKI spent will go to 40% Taiyaki LP + 40% CHONK Buybacks (burn)
  2. Supply too high? -> 80% of all TAIYAKI spent will be burnt.
  3. Liquidity too low? -> 80% of all TAIYAKI spent goes directly to locked $TYAKI LP

This benefits entire CHONK ecosystem as usage of our platform continues to grow and get adopted. As more GachaCHONK! Machines go live, the effects of either options above will be further amplified resulting in a supply reduction for both $CHONK and $TYAKI.


Yōkai constitute one of the most salient building blocks of Japanese folklore and society. Yōkai are creatures which are often used to personify and anthropomorphise concepts rather than tangible objects which can be seen in the real world, and many of them traverse the conceptual and supernatural world with more realistic phenomena — for this reason Yōkai is the perfect fit for our first GachaCHONK! themed-machine: as the Chonker.Finance team work to intertwine the worlds of cryptography and redeemable figurines representative of such a fascinating history and folklore in Japan.

Modern rendition of the Hyakume — creature covered head to toe with eyes. 3 STAR Card.

Yōkai are no longer required as a means to explain the state of the natural world, as people aren’t as superstitious as they once were. Whilst science may, to a large extent, have replaced the need for such metaphors of nature, the culture of Japanese folklore is still loved and cherished within the country, and the popularity of such mythology is spreading abroad as Japan continues to expand her presence overseas through globalisation and popular culture.

Yōkai will be the first GachaCHONK! machine theme, as they are the perfect manifestation of the nexus between tangible and intangible new technological innovations, as well as respecting the past importance of tradition.

Komainu are noble, holy creatures, usually employed as guardians of sacred sites. Often referred to as lion-dogs — Preview of Komainu-Kun. 3 STAR CARD


6 YOKAI CAPSULE TIER’s to CATCH! — How lucky will you get?

There’ll be a total of 6 YOKAI TIER available. The star ratings & supply for each of the tier is as follows:

1 ⭐- COMMON x 512 – 8 CARD DESIGNS [SUPPLY: 1/64]

2 ⭐- UNCOMMON x 128 – 4 CARD DESIGNS [SUPPLY: 1/32]

3 ⭐- RARE x 64– 4 CARD DESIGNS [SUPPLY: 1/16]

4 ⭐- EPIC x 32 – 4 CARD DESIGNS [SUPPLY: 1/8]


6 ⭐- MYTHIC x 6 – 3 CARD DESIGNS [1/2]

[TOTAL SPINS AVAILABLE: 754— Cost per spin: 0.7 TAIYAKI!]

LEGENDARY 5 STAR CARD — Featuring Umibozu-Sama, a sea dwelling Yokai!


Artists who wish to use the GachaCHONK! Platform to create their own gachapon machines and NFTs will be able to do so, once approved, and will have the opportunity to customize their own machines. The artist can either choose to set the machine for ETH-only spins or TAIYAKI-only spins. [Official CHONK Machines are set to Taiyaki-spins only]. Payouts to the artist will be on the chosen token. Whichever of these options the artist chooses, they will earn 60% of all funds raised, whilst 20% will be added to locked ETH/TAIYAKI liquidity and 20% will be allocated to team funds.

By getting approved, artists will be provided with their own panel, within which they are able to manage their NFTs, gacha machines, requirements for operating the machines, and suchlike. In addition to this, artists will be able to work on forging their own unique brand by making use of the embedded social media features on the profile tab beside their machine page. Interested artists can either contact the team via our e-mail: or through one of the staff members on our Telegram channel.


This marks the end of the major milestone we’ve set to accomplish since early December, we appreciate the CHONK FAM and everyone for supporting us through it all. And now, marks the start of the new chapter for Chonker Finance! We have so many things planned ahead that we can’t wait to share with you guys. GachaCHONK! machines will be going live on Polygon next week! See you there.










Chonker Finance is a NFT protocol aiming to disrupt the anime & manga industry. We help artist monetize their artworks via collectible NFTs on the blockchain.