Introducing — GACHAPON! Scarce Capsule Toy NFTs on the Blockchain.

3 min readDec 13, 2020


Spin to win EXCLUSIVE capsule toy NFTs! ಥ_ಥ

Say hello to the CHONK Gachapon — our unique, Japanese-inspired game that dispenses capsuled NFT toys! Our team is working hard behind the scenes to deliver the much-anticipated feature in our roadmap, Gachapon.

There’ll several tiers of Capsule Toys available to catch, ranging from Common to Mythic similar to our previous NFTs introduced for the fishing pools, except the supply for this new batch of capsule toy NFTs will be much more scarce than any other previous series.

Looking back, our supply was capped way too high for our 1–4 STAR cards resulting in the low prices of the NFTs on Opensea. This had both pros and cons, having a higher supply would mean that the cards remain available for many fishers to collect, reduced the demand of new card production that we had to churn out each month, it also helped to keep cards available on the farm for newcomers to catch. Downsides to this are obviously the price. Moving further, we’ll be readjusting our supply for the next new batch of cards on both the regular staking and LP pool.

The way of obtaining the NFTs on the Gachapon will be different from our regular FISHING farms. It’ll be randomized and luck-based, just like actual capsule machines in the real world. The probability will be determined by the tier of the NFT.

Simply spend Taiyaki coins and get a random capsuled NFT from the virtual Gachapon machine. More information below.

Taiyaki — a classic street vendor snack in Japan. Taiyaki coins — you can’t eat them, BUT put a couple in the CHONK Gachapon machine and you’ll get amazing NFTs!


The Taiyaki coin is a new ERC20 token we’ve created that will be used to play the Gachapon game. Features include:

  • Taiyaki Coin is an ERC20 token, this allows you to transfer the coins on multiple wallets.
  • Allowing you to participate in Gachapon.
  • Taiyaki Coins can be obtained through several different methods! 1) By staking LP Tokens in the Gachapon Exclusive LP Farm | 2) Tier Hodler of CHONK. From Tier 1–4. | 3) Converting FISH to TAIYAKI. (FISH from LP pools are worth more than regular FISH)
  • Refer to the infographic below for more information:
Infographic for obtaining Taiyaki coins. Made with love by Sam.

The release date for the Gachapon will be close to the end of this month. We’ll be releasing more details closer to the new year! STAY CHONKY ❤

The Chonky Details:





Etherscan: 0x84679bc467DC6c2c40ab04538813AfF3796351f1



Uniswap: 0x84679bc467DC6c2c40ab04538813AfF3796351f1


Total Supply: 39,000 (largest wallet < 3.1%)




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