Introducing TAIYAKI, Usage Deflationary Token & Lifeblood for the CHONK Ecosystem.

3 min readApr 5, 2021


CHONKER FINANCE is proud to unveil TAIYAKI ($TYAKI), a usage deflationary token that will power the CHONK Ecosystem. It will be the primary token used for the upcoming GachaCHONK! machines and future game releases.


The deflationary usage nature of TAIYAKI will fuel both its continued use as well as its value. As the platform demand increases, more TAIYAKI will be burnt as a result through interactions with the various games within the ecosystem. The first of which will be leveraged by GachaCHONK! Machines. Even though there’s no capped limit on the supply of TAIYAKI. The rate at which it burns will be faster than the rate of growth resulting in a constant deflationary pressure of the supply.

GachaCHONK machines are highly configurable depending on the current supply of TAIYAKI. For instance, the machines can be instructed to do the either following:

  1. TAIYAKI-spin and ETH-spin only machines where the spent funds are reallocated into the Taiyaki LP pool. TAIYAKI spent on GachaCHONK! Spins will go directly to locked liquidity for TAIYAKI/ETH.
  2. Spins that take a combination of ETH and TAIYAKI and are reallocated to CHONK buybacks. TAIYAKI LP + CHONK BUYBACKS.
  3. Spins that burn TAIYAKI spent on the machine.

This ensures that the CHONK ecosystem is not only immediately viable, but in essence future-proof as it can adapt as needed.


TAIYAKI was listed on UNISWAP for $26. No PRESALES were held. The team provided 800 TAIYAKI and 10 ETH as an initial contribution to the pool. 100 TAIYAKI is set aside for the team’s marketing funds. The remaining 700 TAIYAKI will be used as liquidity on Polygon’s QUICKSWAP.


It can be acquired through the following avenues:

  1. CLUB Platform: Monthly TAIYAKI Rewards for being a TIER member.
  2. FISH Platform: Swap FISH for TAIYAKI REDEMPTION NFTs (more info below)
  3. GachaCHONK: Stake TAIYAKI/ETH [LP] and earn TAIYAKI!


In order to qualify for TAIYAKI Redemption tokens you must be staking on either the LP farm or the CHONK farm on the FISHING PLATFORM. One TAIYAKI on the LP farm costs 100 FISH whereas one TAIYAKI on the CHONK farm will cost 1000 FISH. Here is the value of each:

LP Farm:

  • 10 FISHLP = 0.1 TAIYAKI
  • 50 FISHLP = 0.5 TAIYAKI
  • 100 FISHLP = 1 TAIYAKI
  • 200 FISHLP = 2 TAIYAKI


  • 100 FISH = 0.1 TAIYAKI
  • 500 FISH = 0.5 TAIYAKI
  • 1000 FISH = 1 TAIYAKI
  • 2000 FISH = 2 TAIYAKI
Above is an example of the Redemption token cards in the LP pool and what you can expect to see moving forward.


  • $TYAKI will serve as the main component for the CHONK ecosystem
  • Team provided liquidity of 800 TAIYAKI + 10 ETH | Remaining 700 TAIYAKI will be used for Polygon’s Liquidity | 100 TAIYAKI set aside for marketing funds
  • Taiyaki is DEFLATIONARY: burnt through the usage of the platform games. Highly adaptable via GachaCHONK! Machines. Can either be used to provide more liquidity, burnt, or CHONK buybacks.
  • 4 Taiyaki Rememption cards in each pool (Chonk/LP)

As always we truly appreciate your patience as we strive to bring you the single best gacha experience on the blockchain. The wait is almost over! CHONK FAM! GachaCHONK! Machines will go live by the end of this week! We hope you are as excited as we are!




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