2 min readOct 23, 2021


Hey guys! We’ve redeploy a new club contract (V2) to fix an issue club members had when trying to redeem their cards. Please migrate over to the new contract ASAP!

Please migrate over to the new V2 CLUB CONTRACT!

To manually withdraw your staked CHONK from the old club contract (V1)

1) Head to the contract address below:

2) Under Write Contract -> Connect Wallet -> Exit -> Click “WRITE”

3) Approve transaction on Metamask and you’ll receive your CHONK! (Taiyaki will also be withdrawn automatically when unstaking)

4) NEXT, stake your CHONK in the new club contract (V2):

  • 1) Click “STAKEV2”
    2) Approve transaction on Metamask.
    3) Done! You should be able to see GYOZA & Taiyaki being accrued along with your CHONK balance.

All club members will receive the CHAINSAW GIRLS series via airdrop so not to worry! We’ll be dropping this month’s series around next week! Stay tuned!


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Chonker Finance is a NFT protocol aiming to disrupt the anime & manga industry. We help artist monetize their artworks via collectible NFTs on the blockchain.