We’re excited to officially announce the launch of our long-awaited CLUB PLATFORM as part of the expansion of the CHONKIVERSE — which introduces Gachachonk, Club Platform & our upcoming official TD NFT-Based Mobile Game (more details soon.) 😎

As part of our expansion of the CHONKVERSE, we’re excited to announce CLUB PLATFORM!

The club platform introduces 4 unique tiers each with their own exclusive rewards. As a club member, you’ll be able to receive monthly exclusively designed NFTs from our talented manga artists [one of which has worked in the manga industry as a lead artist], previously only 400 CHONK holders were entitled to exclusive rewards which weren’t fair to the loyal CHONK holders…

[HOGE X CHONK] Exclusive COMIC Series NFTs available on FISH.CHONKER.FINANCE

It’s finally here. We’re excited to announce our partnership with HOGE Finance to launch our first ever HOGE X CHONK Comic NFT series that’ll be exclusively available on our FISH.CHONKER.FINANCE on the [HOGE Fishing] Farm!

The comic series features Chonk Chan & Hoge the Dog and their adventures through the crypto-verse with 4 comic panels for each story. Embark on the journey with them as they fight Evil Whale’s Hedgeman, make an escape on a CyberTruck and battle the Evil Whale Beast! There’ll only be a limited supply of each comic panels, making them extremely valuable. In addition to the…

We’re proud to announce our partnership with popular cosplayer Senakha! Often known for her kawaii cosplay videos on Tiktok, she has a huge fanbase with over 1M+ Tiktok and 200K+ Instagram followers. Senakha will be getting her very own NFT Exclusive auction done live on OpenSea next week! (more details to follow)

The exclusive card will be specially curated by our lead manga artist and signed by her. (Auction winner might even receive a personalized video from Senakha herself. 😊)

Senakha as CHONK CHAN! Kawaii!

As with prior influencer auctions, a portion of the funds raised will go directly to…

Platform Live Now on: https:/www.gachachonk.chonker.finance

It’s finally here. Say hello to GachaCHONK! — our unique, Japanese-inspired platform game that dispenses scarce randomized capsule NFTs. This update has been a long time coming, we last wrote an article in December mentioning about the game briefly, since then, plenty of changes have been made, we’re glad to finally announce the official launch of the GachaCHONK platform!

Official Video Promo for GachaCHONK! Launch

CHONKER FINANCE is proud to unveil TAIYAKI ($TYAKI), a usage deflationary token that will power the CHONK Ecosystem. It will be the primary token used for the upcoming GachaCHONK! machines and future game releases.


The deflationary usage nature of TAIYAKI will fuel both its continued use as well as its value. As the platform demand increases, more TAIYAKI will be burnt as a result through interactions with the various games within the ecosystem. The first of which will be leveraged by GachaCHONK! Machines. Even though there’s no capped limit on the supply of TAIYAKI. …

Over the last few weeks there have been talks and excitement surrounding a particular collaboration in the works. Chonker Finance is ecstatic to formally announce our partnership with Cousin Crypto! As this partnership also covers an upcoming Cousin Crypto NFT series, to commemorate the occasion and to celebrate, we’ll be launching an auction with Cousin at Opensea.io, next week on Thursday, April 1st. 2AM [GMT +9] where the first ISSUE #1 EXCLUSIVE Cousin Crypto Saiyan NFT, only 1 in existence — will be sold.

Countdown timer to the auction: https://countingdownto.com/?c=3527492

Spin to win EXCLUSIVE capsule toy NFTs! ಥ_ಥ

Say hello to the CHONK Gachapon — our unique, Japanese-inspired game that dispenses capsuled NFT toys! Our team is working hard behind the scenes to deliver the much-anticipated feature in our roadmap, Gachapon.

There’ll several tiers of Capsule Toys available to catch, ranging from Common to Mythic similar to our previous NFTs introduced for the fishing pools, except the supply for this new batch of capsule toy NFTs will be much more scarce than any other previous series.

Looking back, our supply was capped way too high for our 1–4 STAR cards resulting in the low prices of the NFTs…

Fish with CHONK to catch exclusive NFTs inspired by influencers.

Not Cyotee —from hand-sketched to perfected NFT. The first card release from our influencer series. Only 6 copies ever.

Today we are very excited to announce Chonker Finance’s Influencer Series.

The Influencer Series is a star-studded lineup of NFTs inspired by the most popular influencers in the cryptosphere.

The first addition to the series was Not Cyotee, one of the crypto’s most popular independent auditors.

In a collaboration with Not Cyotee and his project ERIS, we designed him a custom CHONK NFT and will be receiving a complimentary audit from him this Saturday.

Oh — and another surprise for you. 😀

He will also be doing a giveaway…

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for Chonker Finance — one filled with games, rewards, and amazing art. Find out what we have been up to and what is on the horizon for CHONK.

The Chonkiest roadmap — what we have worked on, are working on, and are working towards.

The future of CHONK is here and we are proud to say that future is a BRIGHT one!

Hi Chonkies 🌞

It has been a while since our last update, but we have been very busy.


  • The launch of NFT Fishing
  • Chonker Finance’s first NFT series
  • $CHONK listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

November-Early December:

  • Partnership with an extremely talented Manga illustrator
  • CoinPark Exchange Listing
  • Chonker Finance’s…

Once thought as just a rumor, today we are proud to be announcing our very first artist partnership with Gorillaz-artist Jorden Oliwa.

Announcing today — our first artist collaboration with the amazing Jorden Oliwa — a beast of the animation world known for his work on Gorillaz, Lego, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and much more.

An amazing montage of some of Jorden’s work, including Gorillaz, Metallica’s Murder One, and much more.

$CHONK Artist #0 — Jorden Oliwa

As we near the launch of NFT Fishing, we’ve decided to give the wonderful Chonk community an unexpected surprise — the announcement of our first exclusive artwork with a…


Chonker Finance is a NFT protocol aiming to disrupt the anime & manga industry. We help artist monetize their artworks via collectible NFTs on the blockchain.

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