Introducing CHONK — Collectable NFT’s + DeFi = Chonkiest Coin EVER

3 min readSep 29, 2020


From its awakening deep in the depths of Telegram to having its contract deployed and liquidity locked up in its belly for a year. Take a closer look at the experimental $DEFI + NFT project that allows users to fish and collect NFT cards featuring the chonkiest of cats in collaboration with various artists around the world.

The $CHONK community has achieved a successful launch, successfully devouring 60 Ethereum during the presale and reaching 1500 members in our Telegram group since Chonk’s inception on September 25th, 2020. Within one day of launch, $CHONK reached a $566k market cap, up 725% from its listing. Early presales investors in Round 1 will receive a TIER 1 NFT OG Founder Card and TIER 2 Card. While Round 2&3 investors will receive a TIER 2 Card. Designs are underway for Tier 2 NFT Cards.

Early community members who participated in the airdrop will receive their $CHONK on October 02, 2020. The total amount of airdropped tokens will only consist 5% of the total $CHONK supply. Await the good news, chonkies.

The digitized chonker token went from its spontaneous creation and incubation to launch in less than 3 days. In that time, $CHONK has become a blossoming community. Since it’s launch, the team has been hard at work constructing a chonktastic roadmap, chonky partnerships, exclusive NFTs, and governance structure.

Today, we are excited to announce bonuses in addition to yesterday’s successful launch including:

  • TOKEN UTILITY: $CHONK holders with at least 400 $CHONK in their wallet by the end of October 24th, will automatically qualify for entry into a lottery for an EXCLUSIVE OG CHONKY VITALIK BUTERIN NFT (only 9 will be available EVER). The artist featured for these upcoming 3 NFT cards has worked on numerous projects like Gorillaz, Lego Commercials, and Ren & Stimpy. More information on who the artist is once the partnership is announced.
  • All participants fishing NFTs during the first month of our fishing launch will be eligible for an OG Event NFT Card (ft. Andre Cronje as a CHONKER) and five lucky individuals will have the opportunity to mint a CHONKY SATOSHI CARD (only 5 in existence EVER). All the cards mentioned here will be designed by the same artist mentioned above. Don’t miss this opportunity to collect an established piece by the artist himself.

We’re very excited to share more with you about the future plans of this project and Chonk’s NFT fishing shortly. STAY CHONKIE!

The Chonky Details




Etherscan: 0x84679bc467DC6c2c40ab04538813AfF3796351f1


Uniswap: 0x84679bc467DC6c2c40ab04538813AfF3796351f1


Total Supply: 39,000 (largest wallet < 2.1%)




Chonker Finance is a NFT protocol aiming to disrupt the anime & manga industry. We help artist monetize their artworks via collectible NFTs on the blockchain.